I hope this week is bringing you much success in your business.  Today’s brief newsletter contains some useful info about the growing popularity of social media and people’s declining attention spans.Our Social Post of the Week highlights good old American hard work and determination, our featured project highlights an Arizona client in the dental industry, followed by some wise words from Honest Abe…


  • The fastest growing social media demographic is the over-55s
  • User attention span is now at around eight seconds
  • Internet videos are bigger than TV (in marketing terms)
  • Over a fifth of the internet population use Twitter
  • Marketing has changed more in recent years than it did in the past half-century

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“With all the opportunity we have in this country, it would be a waste to not work hard and achieve the success that’s right in front of us.”


This responsive website created for Prima Dental Lab in Phoenix is the first website this business has ever had in it’s 20+ years in business.  Providing services for dental offices, Prima is excited about finally being an option for those potential dental office clients that are searching for lab services online.  Check out the work: www.primadentallab.com.
If I had nine hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first six sharpening my ax.”   Abraham LIncoln