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Digital Marketing Expertise at a Reasonable Price – Murrieta / Menifee / Temecula Valley, CA

Studies show that consumers in the Inland Empire (and everywhere for that matter) tend to prefer shopping and gathering information about products and services they need online, and then make their purchases offline. Does your business have an adequate presence and identity online? Or, are you among the dozens of businesses in your industry that are missing out on new revenue every day? These businesses are nowhere to be found when local consumers search their mobile phones or computers looking for a solution to their problem. WeBrand is here to get you in the game, offering the following Digital Marketing Services in the Murrieta / Menifee / Temecula Valley, the Inland Empire and all over California.

Website Design Murrieta CA

Website Design

Concept, development, copywriting and graphic design/layout of responsive design websites, ranging from simple 5-page websites for local branding to more complex websites that include e-commerce and rich interactive programming. Website packages include domain selection, registration, hosting, and revision time.

Website Content Creation Murrieta CA

Website Content Creation

Development of written content, photos, and branding strategies that are search engine friendly, and complement an existing website design. We offer this service to clients whether or not their website was developed by WeBrand. We also create content for web design companies, ad agencies, graphic designers, etc.

Logo Design Murrieta CA
Copywriting Murrieta CA


Just like the writing you see on this website, copywriting is the purposeful writing of words that express the message you want to communicate. The writing on your website and all media is a very critical part of your digital branding process. Blending in SEO keywords with your written content is a big challenge that we happen to be very good at!

Tagline Creation Murrieta CA

Tagline Creation

A tagline is a quick sentence that goes with a brand and it’s logo. Also known as a slogan, here are some examples, see if you can figure out who they belong to: “That’s What a Hamburger’s All About”, “The Happiest Place on Earth”,  “We’ll Fight For You!”, “Live.Breathe.Blue.”  After getting to know your business, we’ll create an awesome tagline that says it all.

Digital Branding Murrieta CA

Digital Branding

The form of Digital Marketing that communicates the visual and cultural identity of a business. A brand makes a mark, and stamps itself on something or someone- the something is the internet and the someone are your potential customers. Digital Branding is the crux of who we are at WeBrand, and we can’t wait to help create your Digital Brand.

Mobile Optimization Murrieta CA

Mobile Optimization

Studies show that the number of consumers that use mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets to use the internet is steadily growing, and will soon surpass the usage of desktop computers.  For a local business that not only wants to be found on mobile devices, but digitally branded in such a way as to attract more customers, being optimized for mobile viewing is crucial.

Search Engine Marketing Murrieta CA

Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)

Google, Yahoo, and Bing offer ad spots that are determined by bidding on specific keywords, in specific geographic areas. Known as PPC (pay-per-click), some say it’s the most effective form of internet marketing. A SEM/PPC campaign can be very challenging to manage, so WeBrand will handle everything for you.

Search Engine Optimization Murrieta CA

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While you can’t pay to make your business show up in the organic (free) listings of the search engines, you can optimize your website and digital brand, increasing the chances of your business showing up on the first page.  A proper SEO strategy takes time to produce results, but is a wise investment for a long-term digital branding strategy.

Social Media Marketing Murrieta CA
Local Listing Optimization Murrieta CA

Local Listing Optimization

Local Listing sites contain vital business content such as address, hours, website, photos,  category, and special offers.  Google trusts these listings and often bases search results on their content.  WeBrand will optimize your business on the top local listing sites, giving you the edge when a keyword search is done in your area.

Online Display Advertising Murrieta CA

Online Display Advertising

For brand awareness, display ad spots are available on most major consumer websites that have the highest amount of web traffic.  Most of these websites are national, yet your display ads can be placed in a local radius. These ads are targeted to reach the demographic that best fits your business- behaviorally, contextually, and geographically.

Pricing and Portfolio

For questions about pricing, or to see examples of our work, please contact us so that we can speak with you personally. Since we do not offer cookie-cutter pricing packages, we want to give you the best bang for your buck by recommending a reasonably-priced digital marketing program just for you. We will also be happy to show you examples of work we have done, and how it will relate to what we can do for you.