You need more business.  You want more business.  You’re even willing to pay for the marketing and advertising of your business, with the justification that you just need to be seen by more people in order to get your phone ringing or customers walking through your door.  If this sounds like something you’ve thought before, you’re right- but only half right.  I say this because I have seen far too many businesses, and eager marketing companies, focus only “getting seen” in the right places such as Google and Social Media, but skipping out on the number one priority of getting more customers.

So, if you want to get more customers, and want the best shortcut to get there, here it is:

1. Be Awesome.

Think about the last time you were lured into a business, maybe a restaurant or auto repair shop, or whatever, because you found them on Google or saw a really great looking print ad.  Did their service match up to your expectations?  Were they friendly and awesome?  If so, chances are you have been back.  If not, then they wasted their hard-earned advertising dollars to get a customer in the door only once, and that is sad.  Being awesome in business means going the extra mile for your customers, it means you need to make the customer experience one like they have never had before, where they enjoy their experience enough to feel compelled to give you reviews on Google & Yelp right away.  This is not something that you can buy, it is something that needs to come from your heart, where you tap into the passion and excitement you had about starting your business in the first place.  Bring out the Eye of the Tiger!

When you have this down, than you need to…

2. Be Seen, Being Awesome.

The super cool thing about being awesome, is that it makes it easy to come up with content for your website and all your digital marketing efforts.  It’s like putting an engine on a bicycle that you’ve been pedaling uphill, where every push you make to grow your business is short lived when you have to keep replacing customers that were only willing to try you once.  When the content of your marketing becomes more about branding an awesome business, you have the wind at your back and all of your efforts are increased.  People start telling other people about you, because you somehow made their life more interesting for a little while.  All you need to do now is paint an accurate picture of these experiences every where you can in the digital world.

And that’s it!  Getting customers and keeping them is really easy when you make a commitment to be awesome at what you do, and be bold about showing it off a little bit.  So, in this world of business competition and corporate run chains, go be awesome today, and score some points for small, local business!